Get Baked: Cupcake Edition


Baking Rules:

  1. Contestants may be amateurs or Culinary Arts Students. Professional chefs, cooks or businesses may
    not enter the contest.
  2. Contestants may have more than one entry for judging.
  3. Submissions must be home cooked (not store bought).
  4. Baked goods are to be prepared in a sanitary manner.
  5. All baked goods must be fully baked and complete. Contestants must prepare no more than 12
    cupcakes. Cupcakes will be quartered for guests. Judges will receive one whole cupcake to judge.
  6. Aspiring Bakers must use their own dish and decorations.
  7. Any leftover items will be the property of the contestants.
  8. Please do not submit anything that requires refrigeration.
  9. Contestants will be given 4 feet of table space to display their cupcakes.
  10. Each entry should be marked with the name of your baked good. Nametags will be provided.
  11. Contestants must submit the ingredients used to bake their cupcakes. Ingredients will only be shared
    with judges.
  12. Allergy information should be provided and labeled.

People’s Choice Judging:

1st place takes home $100. A People’s Choice award of $50 will be decided by the general public voting. The entry fee is $15 per entry. Tasting 1PM-3PM. Tabulation will be at 3PM and winners announced!

Use your favorite recipe! “Cupcake” is interpretive, so have fun inventing!

Get Baked Rules:

Get Baked contest is open to anyone. All entries must be homemade and not store bought. All safe food handling and canning processes must be followed. Each contestant or team will be given a contestant number. Your number will be visible to the public. The voters receive a ticket to drop off into their choice of best entry. The more people you know the better chance you have of winning!

Get Baked Competition Schedule:

Set Up: Bring decorations to jazz up your area! Entries must be ready to serve at ONE. NO LATE ENTRIES! Bring your entry and set up your table space. You may decorate your table space however you feel. You are welcome to promote your business. Please clean up your table space at the end of the event.